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Local Medical Referrals

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When We Refer you to other trusted Local Practitioners

Over the last 20 years, practicing Chiropractic on the Northern Beaches, we have developed relationships with a group of key local trusted experts. These entities and practitioners are both medical and complementary health experts who we have found consistently deliver strong results for our patients. They can be relied upon.

Medical Practitioners

Dee Why Medical Centre: is a trusted local practice whose GPs are our first point of call for all medical referrals at Massey Family Chiropractic. In the instance that you require specialist Medical Treatment we’d suggest an initial examination at the Dee Why Clinic.

PRP Diagnostic Imaging – Xrays PRP Dee Why is a local X-RAY specialist we rely upon for X-rays of your spine upon initial consultation.

Beaches Xray Dee Why Beaches X-Ray is a further local X-RAY specialist we rely upon for X-rays of your spine upon initial consultation.

Complementary Therapies

Remedial Massage: Just next door to us, the Dee Why Therapeutic Centre have been providing remedial massage to our patients, as required, for the last decade. Prices are extremely reasonable and the service excellent.

Psychotherapy/Counselling: The Intersect of the Mind & Body is one that might appear obvious. However, it has been much misunderstood by mainstream medical practitioners for centuries. At Massey Family Chiropratic we acknowledge and appreciate this intersect. As does David, from Sydney Psychotherapy, who practices locally at Aroma Ki in Collaroy. His expertise in relation to the mind encompasses healing (phobias, fixations, addictions), social health (relationships, family & counselling for children) and optimal mental health and performance.

Skin Specialist & Women’s Health: Aroma Ki Day Spa in Collaroy provide an array of treatments for Women. Expert Skin treatment concerns. They also provide a variety of massage, therapeutic & relaxation body treatments.

Fitness Related

Local Martial Arts. Logic Combat provides martial arts training on the Northern Beaches for people of all levels of fitness and including those with physical impairment. They take a caring approach to imparting Eastern Traditions for Self-Defense, Health & Fitness within a fun community atmosphere.